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2013-06-19 Wednesday Alex Jones Show: The NSA’s Unconstitutional Breach of The American People, with Ron Paul. Plus, Comedian Tom Mabe Unleashes The Boom Mike of Tyranny. And Cancer Survivor Genae Girard Discusses her Supreme Court Victory.

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On this guest-packed Wednesday, June 19 edition of the Alex Jones Show, former Congressman Ron Paul joins us to discuss the impending dollar collapse, the NSA’s constitutional infringements and other privacy scandals. Alex also speaks with comedian and prankster Tom Mabe who recently filmed a powerful satire video portraying himself as a NSA agent “recording” people in public with a boom mike. The video can be seen here on In studio, Alex hosts cancer survivor Genae Girard, who recently won a Supreme Court case against patents on naturally occurring DNA. The victory has already lowered the cost of breast cancer testing.

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