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2013-06-20 Thursday Alex Jones Show: Silencing The Messengers, The War on Journalism in America. Plus, The Plight of Wild Horses and The Need For Activism in America with Viggo Mortensen.

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On the Thursday, June 20 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex breaks down the assassination of journalist Michael Hastings and exposes the ugly fact that Obama’s domestic assassination policy has gone live against truth tellers perceived by government to be enemies of the state. Alex also covers the sliding economy as the stock market plunges in response to Federal Reserve boss Bernanke’s pronouncements earlier this week. On today’s broadcast, Alex talks in-studio with Michael Cargill, the owner of Central Texas Gun Works in Austin. Cargill set up a Groupon deal in January for a concealed handgun course that was on track to sell-out within a day. Groupon responded by shutting down Cargill’s deal covering gun training, shooting clays, and gun ranges.

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