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2013-07-01 Monday Alex Jones Show: Herbalist Greg Caton Details His Kidnapping By His Own Government. Plus, The Global Modifications of The NSA’s High Tech Surveillance Grid with Investigative Journalist Wayne Madsen.

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Mike Adams sits in for Alex at the Austin, Texas command center on the Monday, July 1 edition of the Alex Jones Show. Mike talks with former NSA consultant Wayne Madsen about the NSA’s high-tech Stasi surveillance grid and Edward Snowden, the NSA analyst on the run and who may be granted asylum in Ecuador. Mike also talks with Greg Caton, the American businessman, inventor, manufacturer of herbal products who was kidnapped from Ecuador to face trumped up charges by the FDA. Mike also takes your calls and covers the latest breaking news.

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  1. It is amazing that our government would do the crazy, unconstitutional things that they do every day. We must all stay vigilant and be Sentinels.