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2013-11-08 Friday Alex Jones Show: With Renewed Focus, Alex Tackles The Top Story Of The Week. The Military Purge: Obama Wants Troops to Obey Him, Not the Constitution.

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On the Friday, November 8 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, Alex examines the ridiculousness of the War on Drugs in New Mexico and across the country as citizens are beingroutinely forced to undergoanal cavity probes in search for drugs mostly shipped in by the US government. Alex also explores the potential “nightmare ripple effect” response to food stamp cuts, which went into effect earlier this month, and also analyzes Israel’s reaction to news of a nuclear deal between the U.S. and Iran, and Obama’s lukewarm apology for leading Americans to believe they could keep their health plans. On today’s show, Alex welcomes World Net Daily writer F. Michael Maloof to break down the ongoing purge of military leaders and officers sweeping the armed forces, with several sources confirming to Infowars that the Army’s “litmus test” asks whether or not they would feel comfortable firing on American citizens. – The un-official Archive of the Alex Jones Show – Archiving the Alex Jones Show and The Nightly News

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