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2014-01-28 Tuesday Alex Jones Show: Matt Drudge Issues Warning: “Have An Exit Plan”. Plus, Short Sighted Nuclear Ambitions Selling Humanity’s Future Into Desolation Top Expert Explains.

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On this Tuesday, January 28 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex takes a look at dystopian evacuation plans by FEMA, overkill police state security arrangements at Super Bowl XLVIII, and Obama’s plan to hype the unilateral presidency during his State of the Union address later today. Alex also covers Matt Drudge’s cryptic warning about having an exit plan. On today’s show, Alex talks with investigative journalist, author and columnist Wayne Madsen about the protests in Ukraine and other topics. Alex also welcomes to the show scientist Jerry Petermann who talks about the dangers of Fukushima radiation. – The un-official Archive of the Alex Jones Show – Archiving the Alex Jones Show and The Nightly News

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