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2014-02-09 Sunday Alex Jones Show: SXSW Anti-Gun Event Fails. Plus, Deadly Warning For Detroit Thugs: Police Chief Cheers On Armed Citizens.

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On this explosive, live Sunday, March 9 transmission of the Alex Jones Show, Alex and David Knight completely expose the conspiracy to disarm Americans and the rising popularity of liberty across the country. Hardly anyone attended an anti-gun event in Austin, Texas yesterday which took place right in the middle of SXSW, an internationally-known entertainment festival that attracts thousands from around the world. In contrast, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) overwhelmingly won the CPAC straw poll as the most popular potential presidential candidate and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tx.) came in second. More and more Americans are rejecting authoritarianism in favor of liberty and the potential it offers to humanity. Also on today’s show, Anthony Gucciardi breaks down key developments in health currently taking place. Alex and David take your calls to hear your take on these dynamic topics and more! – The un-official Archive of the Alex Jones Show – Archiving the Alex Jones Show and The Nightly News

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