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2014-04-21 Monday Alex Jones Show: Demonization Of Freedom And Liberty In America With Cliven Bundy. Plus, Newly Released Clinton Document Describes Internet As ‘Right Wing’ Tool Of ‘Conspiracy Commerce’



On the Monday, April 21 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, Alex calls out the Boston Marathon’s unprecedented police state apparatus, a culmination of military might quickly becoming the norm at public and sporting events, and runs down the events of last year’s marathon, including the FBI’s various missteps and thesuspension of the Fourth Amendment for residents of Watertown. Alex also reviews Sen. Harry Reid’s comments claiming Bundy supporters are “domestic terrorists,” and welcomes Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy to discuss his next steps in his ongoing dispute with the Bureau of Land Management and the National Park Service supposedly over unpaid grazing fees. We’ll also be taking your calls on this worldwide transmission. – The un-official Archive of the Alex Jones Show – Archiving the Alex Jones Show


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