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Alex Jones – 2015-Jan-18, Sunday

On the LIVE Sunday, January 18 edition of the Alex Jones Show, guest host David Knight breaks down the state of the economy and Obama’s plan to raise taxes for the wealthy, and provides updates on the royal pedophile scandal. David also looks at the latest Charlie Hebdo false flag evidence, and questions the CIA’s inexplicable trail of death. On today’s show, David also covers new revelations regarding the Sony Hack, including computer programmer John McAfee’s allegations that he knows exactly who is behind it, and considers actor Chuck Norris’ argument against Monsanto pesticides. Knight also reviews another celebrity’s anti-constitutional tirade, and its subsequent backlash, and covers how jury nullification could affect the outcome of the Silk Road trial. We’ll also cover the latest movie propaganda, discussing the Martin Luther King Jr.-based drama Selma and the pro-war American Sniper, and take your calls during this global transmission.
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